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Your Works Will Struggle To Cross Boundaries If…. Dj Scopii Writes

Fidelis Skopii famous as Dj Scopii, formally of Radio Progress 98.1 Fm has told artist who think they’re bigger than award schemes in the region to think again.

The Royal Cosby Hills (Jirapa Dubai) official Dj expressed his worry over the wantom disrespect some of our big names show local award schemes and other industry players.

Commenting on Dj Anada’s last hour Jamz live feed on Facebook, Dj Scopii stated that these schemes are putting in all necessary effort to create the platform to ensure the growth of these guys. Yet, all they keep doing is throw dirt on their efforts.

Here’s the full text of what he said:

“It was a worry to me to realise some big names in the UWR music scenes who need these award schemes at this level rather acting bigger than the schemes.  

These schemes are putting in much effort to create that platform to ensure the music business here keeps going(Growing).we should all join hands to push these schemes so our showbiz can be heard of and to help appreciate their works. 

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So if you the same artists we are trying to appreciate rather acting bigger than these local awards schemes, then your works will really suffer to cross boundaries. 

One thing here is our musicians see themselves so big with just one or two hits in wa. Imagine a musician think I’m no more on radio so no need to send me updates of his works. 

I may no be on radio but have the plugs to get your songs out there. They need to humble themselves cos they are not bigger than Upper west yet. There is still a lot to do”

He said this on the hills of the recent unveiling of the 2023 edition of Happy Man Bitters Upper West Music Awards

Originally posted 2022-11-11 12:17:08.

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