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The Police Is Solidly Behind you – Upper West Regional Police Commander Assures UMA

The upper west Regional Police Commander ACP Mr. Gabriel Prince Waabu has assured organizers of the Happy Man Bitters Upper West Music Awards that he and the entire police force is behind them.


ACP Mr. Gabriel Prince Waabu

He made the pledge when Management of the Upper West Music Awards paid a courtesy call on him at the Upper West Police Command on the 14th of October 2022.

The police is solidly behind you, upper west Regional Police Commander Assures UMA

ACP Mr. Gabriel Prince Waabu with UMA organizers

The organizers led by Tuurosung Nuhu, affectionately called Echo Sounds included , Abu Issah (Nel Gee), Hilia Gbene Marshood (GhgoOnline) and Idrissu Dasaana among other things made the call to Congratulate him on his new appointment as Upper West Regional Police Commander.

Also, to thank the police administration for their support and contribution towards previous editions.

And finally, to introduce 2023 edition of UMA, seek support of the police and also to plead on the office of the police commander to sponsor the the UMA 2023 Developmental Song of the Year category with a laptop.

ACP Mr. Gabriel Prince Waabu after warmly receiving stated that he was very pleased with how the organizers of UMA handled themselves such that he haven’t heard of the group or any individual related to them involved in a any crime or doing anything that negatively affect the society since their last meeting.

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He added that Good Music creates and cements unity and so therefore any activity and or event that seeks to promote it has his backing and support.

“Good Music is a unifier. You have the support of the police. Encourage good music, preach peace and unity as you champion the course of Upper West music awards” The Regional Police Commander said.

On the proposed sponsorship of the UMA 2023 developmental song of the year category with a laptop by the regional police command, he said they will go through the sponsorship proposal and communicate to them in due course

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