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Stop Crying Wolf Coz No One Owes You Any Support – MC Alaska Admonishes

Head of Entertainment at Home Radio 99.7 Fm MC Alaska , has admonished people in the creative art space especially musicians to not go cap in hand expecting support coz no one owes them that.

The most consistent word in the dictionaries of musicians in the region is ‘support’. They sing it more than they sing their hit songs as they miss no opportunity to sound out loud the lack of it from the region.

Recent calls for better pay coupled with the nominees unveiling of the Upper West Music Awards and it’s accompanying drama has resulted in support and betrayal trending.

To the baddest Home Ride Driver MC Alaska however, music like any other craft demands investment in order to yield maximum returns. So if they really see music as a business and want to earn from it, then they should invest and stop crying wolf.

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He added that they should stop the empty name calling since no one owes them any support.

Let’s get real here!! No one owes anyone support here, is better you work hard for it or you keep crying everyday”

If you believe music is business and you want to earn from it then Invest and stop crying wolf..Enough of the empty name callings !!” He wrote on Facebook

Stop crying wolf coz no one owes you any support

Screenshot of MC Alaska’s post


Originally posted 2022-11-11 10:26:26.

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