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NSS April 2022 Allowance Duly Paid

The NSS April 2022 Allowance has been Duly Paid to all National Service Personnels. On Friday, June 3, 2022, the Executive Board of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) announced the payment of the April allowance.

NSS April 2022 Allowance Duly Paid – The way foward

Service personnels are hereby advised to visit any bank that accepts an E-zwich card from now to load their wallets and further withdraw their “allawa”. Kindly take not that, your dashboard may be showing “processing” even when your allowance has been paid.

Therefore, all National Service Personnel are entreated to visit any bank with E-zwich to confirm payment.

Kindly take note of the official statement below:

How can the funds be withdrawn from the card?

National Service NSS Personnels who have successfully loaded their wallets and received payment successfully can withdraw the money in cash or they can request for their funds “allawa” to be sent to them through mobile money easily.

Personnels are however encouraged to always download and process their Monthly evaluation form in order to be eligible for payment.

Mandate of the National Service (NSS) scheme

The Scheme as currently constituted provides newly qualified graduates the opportunity to have practical exposure on the job, both in the public and private sectors, as part of their civic responsibility to the State. It also provides user agencies the opportunity to satisfy their manpower needs and affords communities that would otherwise have difficulty in accessing mainstream development initiatives, access to improved social services through community service.

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