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Man who wanted daughter killed for Sakawa arrested

sakawa man arrested

One Nana Adu-Boafo Junior has led the Ghana Police Service to arrest a man who brought his daughter to him to kill her for money rituals.

According to Adu Boafo, the man promised to give him GHC 10,000 and other goodies if he is able to execute the assignment given to him.

However, the deed did not sit right with Nana Adu-Boafo who worked with the Police to ensure he is arrested and his daughter’s life is saved.

Nana Adu Boafo made this revelation in a post shared on his Facebook page.

His post was confirmed by the former Upper East Regional Minister who said Nana had informed her earlier about the man’s plan to use his daughter for sacrifice in order to make more money.

Read Nana’s Post Below

This man brought his own biological daughter to me for money rituals. He promised me 10,000 GHc and other good surprises after the rituals. I was crying within me because I have sympathy for humans and animals , I don’t kill people , sometimes I don’t even eat my own poultry because I grow so much love for them.

The sad thing is, he even picked the daughter from school during school hours with an intention of buying him a new dress .This man is a bad man with many evil intentions. He don’t even feel anything for his own girl. Wow, what a wicked soul.

I prove to him I am a clean and gentle Herbalist. I recorded every scene and talk for the Police and my Mother and godmother. I know my NABJ Daughters will be happy to see this move. As for Hon Tangoba Abayage , I don’t know what she will do. Hey, I am the Son of the Sun 🌞 I don’t harm people, I am a helper instead. I am my grandmother’s grandson; and I sweep ONLY dirty stuffs, not harming innocent souls.

All the people of Oyibi KON Divisional Area are happy.The King Makers are also proud and hitting their chest in praise of their son Nii Adotey Ekãalɔ II.Chaley, let’s all be good and helpful to each other in this country .© Nii Adotey Ekãalɔ II

Read Tangoba’s Post Below

Three days ago my son Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr called me hysterically to tell me a certain man had contacted him to kill his daughter for him to get money.

He sent me all the recorded conversations between them and promised me he’ll get him arrested. Today he’s got the man arrested.

The wickedness of man can sometimes shock the devil himself. Such an irresponsible man who has fathered 12 children with different women still thinks he should kill one of them to make rich.I feel sorry for the women he’s been involved with and the children he’s fathered.

He’s evil and must not be deemed fit to be a father. Thank you my son for saving humanity of a dangerous element.

Originally posted 2022-06-03 22:43:45.

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