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Kawute Sheds Tears Of Light In 11 Days 18 Hours

Versatile multiple award winning Ghanaian artist Kawute Souja has shed what we can describe as ‘tears of light’ in his latest release ’11 days 18hours’

You’ll recall that Kawute and his friends were arrested on the heat of the recent ritual murders in the Upper West Region at their residence and were rumored be suspects of the killings.

The ‘happy’ singer subsequently took to Facebook to declare their innocence and pleaded with the general public to help them find justice. Things however got complicated as they ended up spending almost two weeks behind bars.

Haven regained his freedom, the budding reggae dancehall singer chose to tell the world via his God Gifted talent – music, the true turn of events.

In an emotional and teary tone, he revealed that they only got together as boys boys to prepare some nice fufu and have a good time. But things took a different turn when a wrong informer got the police pouncing on them as if they were some hardened criminals.

He went further to address some of the wild allegations and cooked up stories that people threw out there and the mental trauma it placed on them.

With his piecing voice, Kawute will get you teary in 11days, 18 hours; which is exactly the time spent behind bars. Take a listen here:

Listen: Kawute – 11 Days, 18 Hours


Originally posted 2022-10-10 12:05:29.

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