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Can We Grow The Numbers Before Mentioning Extreme Figures – DhatFashion King Quizzes

CEO of Fashion House Khalid Abdul Ghaniu, famous as DhatFashion King has called for concerted efforts to grow the Region’s entertainment fan base before calling for higher pay.

There have been recent calls/ campaign from some quarters with Napoleon Derry among the loudest for artiste in the upper west region to start charging above some amounts. They argue that these artist have grown past the amounts they charge for shows and should therefore be charging more.

This sparked a huge debate in the Region’s social media space with netizens expressing their views on the subject matter. One of such people is DhatFashion King, an astute pandit and a member of Mikar Events.

King believes the industry still has a lot of work to do to grow the numbers before people start quoting huge monetary figures. He stated that all the creatives here putting in the work indeed deserves these mentioned figures but the question is, will event organizers get the numbers to back up the amounts, No.

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To him, the industry will boost investor confidence when it gets a lot more people attending events and so should therefore concentrate on building up the numbers.

“Can we grow the numbers before mentioning extreme figures? every creative here putting in the work merits those amount, but what happens if the outcome of those shows doesn’t reflect the expenditure? Will it boost the investors confidence to continue?

The truth is we have low numbers when it comes to entertainment here, let’s look at how to grow dat” He wrote

Can we grow the numbers before we mention extreme numbers, DhatFashion King Quizzes

Screenshot of King’s post

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Originally posted 2022-11-03 12:35:00.

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